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Putting Soltys, Inc. to work for you!

Hiring a consultant or a consulting team is not easy.  There are few standards or certifications that apply and certainly a variety of approaches and expertise.  Soltys, Inc. wants to make sure that every time we work with a client, success is measurable in results, satisfaction and mutual interest in an ongoing business relationship.

To insure that we are the right resource for you:

  • We have given you a preview of our work by request through our download center

  • We will send you our agreements for review prior to final contracting.

  • We will happily provide references.

  • Most importantly, we will spend an hour with you without charge via phone or at our facility to:

  1. Learn about your needs

  2. Define the basic parameters of the project or work

  3. Introduce ourselves to you

  4. Determine if we are the right company to meet your needs.

  5. If we are not the right company, help you find an alternative resource if possible.



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