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OUR LOGOS: The Eagle & Wolf

The eagle and the wolf have always been admired by Mark and Pat Soltys for the attributes frequently placed with these animals. 

The eagle is a proud symbol of our nation.  A nation built to meet independent needs of entrepreneurial people who seek the rewards that a solid work ethic and ingenuity can bring.  Everywhere, these birds are celebrated as symbols of vision, power and grace.  Together we will soar as if on the wings of an eagle to ever new levels of success and lead with the vision that an eagle’s eye perspective brings. 

The wolf is known to be hardy and resourceful with a fiercely independent nature whose social structure is always viewed in terms of leadership.  The wolf is curious by nature and creative in its methods.  A nurturing animal that seeks to meet its needs and those in its care.  The wolf is generally a peaceful but protective beast that will not generally attack non-prey  unless there is no other option.  We will utilize the strengths, leadership, and resourceful creativity characterized by the wolf to nurture opportunities.

The "$" logo was developed and has been used in many of our publications and profitability consulting.  The representation of the stylized "S" as a dollar sign on and upward graph against the color of money conveyed strong messages about our company's work to build the wealth and strength of our client companies.

The bulb logo, sometimes represented with the Eagle and Wolf logo within the light bulb, was used within publications, training manuals and tools to represent significant concepts and ideas related to the subject. 

The "S" logos are primarily used by the Soltys family and are not used for Soltys, Inc.  The relationship of images has worked well.





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