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Mark and Pat Soltys are the owners and founders of the company. The initial business began when friends and acquaintances began asking for assistance in business decisions and technology. Using their talents, skills and insight, they established their first business in Houston, TX, called MarPat Enterprises in 1986.

As time and business interests evolved other businesses were started including Forget-Me-Not Floral and P.S. Just for You. In 1993, MarPat Enterprises became MARPAT, Inc. with Pat's efforts devoted full time to the growth of a business development company focusing on real estate companies.

It was not long before the demand for technological solutions brought the company to a position of industry leadership with the largest selection of real estate software in the nation. As the business interests were growing quickly and diversifying, the corporation was renamed Soltys, Inc. d.b.a. MARPAT, Inc. in 1996. This allowed Soltys, Inc. the opportunity to seek a business relationship that would allow expansion of the business to include training and entry into other vertical markets as well as expanded staffing.

In April 1997, Soltys, Inc. and Alliance Management Corporation came to agreement in which the software and consulting business interests of Soltys, Inc. and the d.b.a. of MARPAT, Inc. were brought together with the training and consulting business of Alliance Management Corporation to form MARPAT - ALLIANCE, Incorporated d.b.a. MARPAT, Inc.

August 29, 1998, the separation of shared interests was completed.  This allowed Soltys, Inc. to focus on consulting services and publications and MARPAT - ALLIANCE, Inc. to focus on application training and limited software sales.  The name MARPAT - Alliance was changed to reflect the emphasis on training to The Computer Training Depot. 

The consulting work of Soltys Inc over the next few years was expanded to include large companies including many Fortune 500 and Global 1000 clients, some of the largest real estate companies in the nation and most of the real estate franchisors.  Published work also expanded greatly with featured articles in a number of magazines.  The operational audit process was refined and Business Health Partners established.

In 2011, many new services and products have been added including blog posts, social media initiatives, business plan reviews and the help desk. Aligned services and partnerships are beginning to blossom expanding the client base of the company.

Over time, the principals of Soltys, Inc have served many executive roles in companies providing leadership, resources and access to the talent, skills and knowledge base the company has built.  Our work with companies will continue to develop and expand to meet the needs of our clientele.

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