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Soltys Inc. offers written publications, guides and planning templates.  Many of our products are publications designed to help business people and organizations help themselves through information, worksheets, and templates.  

Soltys, Inc. is the source for publications by Pat Soltys and Mark Soltys.  There are currently four books, twenty mini books and many other publications.  The use of materials and information on this site is governed by US Copyright law and the terms of use found on this site..

Watch and bookmark this site!  We are making a number of changes to the way that Soltys, Inc. products and services are offered and sold including distribution through major retailers and professional associations.   Hard copy and in some cases electronic versions will still be available to purchase directly.

A sampling of our products and publications is listed below:


  • The Commission Plan Workbook


  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Absorptions
  • Real Estate Company Business Plan


  • Leading the Charge or Going With The Flow
  • IT Enabled Management
  • Nothing Positive Grows in the Dark


  • Decision Maker's Guide


Please read the terms of use which are considered delivered as a condition of viewing and use of Soltys, Inc. products, services and information.

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