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We look at business development similar to the construction process of a structure: first, determining that there is a need; second, planning the project to meet objectives; then, engaging the skilled personnel as needed through the actual construction, check points, celebrating achievements and then ongoing renovation or replacement. We are therefore the specialists engaged as "Business Builders."

Soltys, Inc. has adopted the practice of Visionary Leadership as an operating standard. This commitment means that no engagement is undertaken without a clear vision to results in which all levels of leadership are continuously empowered, challenged to grow, succeed, and achieve.

There are many reasons that companies engage the services of Soltys, Inc., including:

Efficiencies: Most companies cannot afford to maintain all of the skilled people their company may need as permanent staff. Additionally, companies today cannot afford overstaffing or mis-staffing. Expert resources able to work with permanent staff to complete projects, tackle problems, or train new employees that are made available through limited engagements bring flexibility and better management of cash flow.

Clarity and Fresh Perspectives: The old saying "You cannot see the forest for the trees” typifies the situation insiders frequently face. The person within the company may be great at fighting the fires in the trees that surround them but usually cannot tell whether or not the rest of the forest is on fire. Isolation from a holistic perspective in the job is not uncommon and can bring bias or inappropriate actions or activities. The perspective of an expert third party often can see the clearest path.

Strategic Operations and Planning: Operational Audits. business plans, and strategic focus are critical to strong company growth in addition to meeting organizational challenges that occur during a company's maturation. Even the most effective executive must complement their talents and skills to complete these necessary processes. The consultant who brings expertise is often a valuable facilitator of ideas and planning for the company leadership.

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