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Challenge: Declining margins in spite of revenue growth.

The meeting took place in a hotel lobby during a convention. The original intent was to review progress on a project to revamp key company policies. The conversation quickly changed to what would be the new business model for the industry since the traditional model yielded declining margins, escalating costs and challenges to the revenue stream.

Soltys, Inc.:

  1. Suggested several business models that could be employed leveraging the traditional base.
  2. Explained the differences, strategies and opportunity.
  3. Helped the client see the most viable model that could be implemented within limitations of the company. Leveraging traditional business across new business opportunities.
  4. Outlined starting points.
  5. Outlined ROI from the new model when integrated in the business. Dollars anticipated from each customer rather than being primarily one to one will deliver back to the company an average of three to one with little additional investment. The ROI projected for this plan in phase one should triple the revenue and nearly double the bottom line.

Solution Summary: The first part of any success story is the AHA! moment when the client envisions the solution and owns the opportunity. This success story is sure to be the first of many for this company as they proceed with the plan.


Challenge: Sell the company to a compatible company where the owner could work.

Owner of a company made the decision that owning their own company was no longer the path desired. He did not want to leave the business but wanted to find a company that theirs could be moved into and where they could continue working. Many companies wanted to be the suitor but the key was compatibility with the working needs of the owner, taking on the rent and retaining the facility as a functioning office while not giving everything away. The company of choice originally did not want the location, to pay very much in cash or to deal with a team.

Soltys, Inc.:

  1. Assisted owner in preparing the company for sale.
  2. Helped evaluate companies that were potential buyers.
  3. Created strategies and tools to move the opening conversations to an offer.
  4. Evaluated the offer and suggested potential counter offers.
  5. Outlined working relationship for owner and team in new company.

Solution Summary – Owner was able to roll company into new company, with five times the amount of cash originally offered, location will most likely become a key location and owner will be able to operate as a company within a company team.


Challenge: Identity issues caused by franchisor selling franchise brand without the brand name.

Franchise had been purchased and sold a number of times over the years. Parent company decided to get out of the franchising business and the industry. Since their other business units would still carry the parent’s name, the name would not be sold to the new franchisor and a change of branding and naming faced the company. They realized that they had become brand dependent and did not have a “brand” of their own any longer. Whether or not they adopted the new brand of the franchise buyer, they realized that they had to establish their identity.

Soltys, Inc.:

  1. Worked with company owners to identify branding challenges.
  2. Helped the company with communications strategy.
  3. Solidified the value proposition of the company that would not be dependent on a franchisor.
  4. Assisted the company in creating transition from dependency of franchisors brand to emphasis on their individual brand and identity.
  5. Created transition strategies and communications that would move the management, staff and producers within the company to see that the franchise brand was a part of their marketing strategy rather than the definition of who they were.

Solution Summary – The company was able to work through the franchisor selling the franchise and changes in brand name with an established identity of their own and value proposition. They did choose another franchise brand but now use that brand as a part of their strategy for marketing and acquisition of tools.


Challenge: Create series of classes for franchisor.

Franchisors management classes had become stale and needed to be updated, refreshed and enlivened. First assignment was to work on recruiting series with support collateral.

Soltys, Inc:

  1. Created foundation strategy for the series – Information, Implementation and Integration.
  2. Produced classes for discussion and review in a series.
  3. Worked with internal staff to refine, adjust and augment material for customization and on line delivery.
  4. Responded to questions, need for clarification and additional material as requested.
  5. Reviewed with staff online versions prior to finalization and publication.

Solution Summary – Recruiting classes were published and made available via online training center with downloadable collateral. Staff stated appreciation for the quality and substance of content as well as their own learning throughout the process.


Challenge: Meaningful Job Descriptions.

A look at the operations of the company revealed that the company’s job descriptions were outdated to the appoint that some positions did not have a description, there was little alignment and accountability was difficult.

Soltys, Inc.:

  1. Took a comprehensive look at all functions, jobs and tasks of the company.
  2. Eliminated those that were unnecessary and identified current functions and tasks that were a part of operations but not found in any job description.
  3. Wrote job descriptions for current and positions to be filled.
  4. Created methodology for review and updating of job descriptions.
  5. Integrated new descriptions with company documents and guidelines.

Solution Summary – The new format for descriptions allows for company growth. A review process is in place for regular review of descriptions to process and accountability. Accountability in place as a result of defined jobs has resolved many confusing staff issues and took away hiding places.

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