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Imagine that your business was set up so efficiently that every task, process, piece of information and dollar that your business touched became a part of a business system that not only allowed you to deliver great service and products but additionally dropped very few balls in the process. 

Stretch your imagination a little farther and dream about the concept that such systems could actually be the catalyst for new and expanded business.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems, known as ERP systems look at connective data, processes and plans in an integrated fashion to help you develop not only "best practices" but methods that work to outperform normal business methods.

ERP systems utilize techniques such as business mapping and then applies the best tools and techniques within the parameters available to optimize business functions.

To gain a better understanding of the possibilities and the process, take a look at a simplified version of business mapping as applied to one facet of a company's business.   The REALCO story  is based on a real company and real people with real results.

Dependent on your company's business plan, ERP system implementation can focus on a single area or profit center but create the greatest results when a part of a holistic approach.  We can help you create a plan that will become a strategic business decision. 

If you are interested in looking at the potential impact of ERP systems in your company give us a call or send an email

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