Soltys, Inc. Testimonials

“I have known and worked with Pat Soltys for more than 20 years. During that time Pat has proven time and time again that nothing takes the place of experience, integrity and character. If you are seeking someone who knows and understands how to organize and effectively run a profitable business, Pat Soltys should be at the top of your list. She will make the kind of difference that only a few can make. I give Pat the highest of recommendations.”

Ralph Williams, Owner at Bottom Line University

“Pat and I worked together for a large private company with multiple segments. Throughout, she was an excellent advisor to our team while serving as the COO. She is very talented and has a wonderful depth of knowledge to offer businesses in need of guidance. We also worked together on a smaller project. Whatever the circumstance, Pat regularly performed an exceptional job with the highest integrity."

Kathryn Simons, Owner at K. Simons, CPA

“I have interacted with Pat many times over the last 20+ years. We first met when Pat was involved with the Century 21 system and my relationship with her has continued as she has expanded her area of concentration as a Business Consultant. She always bring a broad prospective and is current with all my industry models. Great asset.”

Jerry Alaimo, Manager at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“We hired Pat in 1999, as a consultant to help guide us in our technology choices and our business plan looking to the future. She is extremely knowledgeable and was an instrumental ingredient in the choices we made and have made going forward. I would strongly recommend Pat and her services.”

Alyce Fisher, F.C. Pilgrim & Co.

“Pat is a leader in understanding how technology can be used in the real estate industry. She has applied her knowledge of systems and tools while working with real estate brokers and agents who were mutual clients."

Bob Leatherwood, President at Realty Tools

“Pat is a wealth of knowledge in business settings especially real estate. She is very adept at getting those she consults with to do the right things to grow and be profitable. She is very results oriented and focused.”

Terry Trembath, Management Consultant at Prudential RE Affiliates

“Pat is up to date in her field with the ability to communicate her knowledge and opinions clearly and directly. I found her perspective confirming when appropriate and challenging in areas we needed growth.”

Michael Lunsford, President/CEO at Coldwell Banker Lunsford

“Pat has character. She can teach you without talking down to you. You know she is comfortable at what she does because she delivers her instructions in a confident, almost quiet manner.

Jim Marzullo, Broker/Manager at Prudential Starck

“Pat is one of the most connected people in her industry. Her professionalism and business acumen are unparalled. She's a strong negotiator and super sales person. She's one of the best there is.”

David Schawe, Director of Software Sales at Itelligence

“Pat has worked with me in the past as a business partner and consultant and was always one of the best organized, well structured people to have involved in any of our eddeavors. She always adds value to any business or technical situation that she is involved in. Great person to have on any team.”

Jack Rhyne, Vice President at Main Sail, LLC


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