About Soltys, Inc.

Soltys Inc. has a long history utilizing innovative business strategies to bring successful results as the foundation of our business.  This web site has been built for our clients, both current and future to deliver resources and information easily and consistently.  

Our Mission: Soltys, Inc. will bring bottom line results to clients through strategic alignment of people, technology, capture of opportunity and operational effectiveness continuously positioned to meet the necessary changes of growing companies.

Our Ideology: Companies, given the opportunity to take a step back and really look at the operational flow of people, production and tools, can successfully integrate effective processes across all company lines.  The positive growth that results is not the product of a singular or isolated event but rather a methodology that can accommodate ongoing change and growth.  We practice Visionary Leadership to accomplish these results and are known as the "Business Builders."

Our Principals: The owners of the company are Mark Soltys and Pat Soltys

Leadership is always different – thinking and acting outside the norms. That type of thinking powers the ability to see opportunity and lead change. Soltys, Inc. is different. 

Think Different

We love the way different thinking is portrayed in the commercial linked above.

We like to THINK DIFFERENT at Soltys, Inc.



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