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Pat Soltys

Pat’s passion is business optimization. Her writing, consultancy and presentations engage client companies and readers to think outside of their limitations and often the perceived limitations of their companies.

Drawing on years of experience, skill, technical savvy and a library of resource information, Pat helps companies understand and utilize their business as a machine to meet and exceed objectives. The resulting growth, development, application of systems and solutions create businesses that can generate perpetuated bottom line results. These are operationally sound business structures that incorporate the three “V’s” viability, validity and vitality. Read More >> 

Pat Soltys | Soltys, Inc.

Mark Soltys

Mark Soltys is a results driven leader and energetic professional in the field of information management and technology. Mark has a long history of experience in multiple disciplines within the field of management information systems. Over 25 years of experience analyzing and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (SAP and others). Organizational leadership experience ranges from small companies ($5mm in revenue) to participation in the management team of large global organizations with revenues over $10B.


Mark Soltys

Mallie Hart

Mallie has a yen for design, tempered with an understanding of organization and a tried and tested desire to follow the K.I.S.S. principle.

A California native, transplanted to Georgia in the early 1990's, Mallie's career spanned waste management, a Series 7 commodities license, the creation and maintenance of her own design and social media firm and a brief stint as a local television personality. It was during her years at 13WMAZ Eyewitness news, a CBS affiliate, that Mallie gained a real respect and passion for social media and the variety of marketing opportunities and equalizers that it offers to companies, no matter their size.

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Mallie Dein

Derek Hart

Derek comes to Soltys, Inc. with a strong background in digital artwork, graphic and multimedia design including the production of digitized documents and collateral ranging from promotional items and internal governance documents to eBooks ready for production.  Through Soltys, Inc. Derek will work on branding campaigns and projects as well as customer facing docs, recruiting items, specialty campaigns both digitized and print ready.

Whether with a sketchpad or a mouse, Derek's ability to create art that exemplifies and strategically positions your brand is inspiring. While not quite as creative, Derek's understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) also make him a valuable resourse in today's digitally focused business environment.

Derek Hart

Anna Soltys

I am a Siberian Husky, not a wolf.  Yes, I know that we have some similarities but in truth are not related other than part of the Canine family. 

As the Soltys, Inc. mascot, I perform a variety of duties, including: alerting everyone to a visitor’s arrival, greeting all visitors as a friendly ambassador, making sure that I make everyone laugh at least once a day, demanding that everyone gets out of their chairs once in a while to play or let me out, keeping the cats from pushing papers and stuff off of the desk. I also act as Chief People Walker – part of the company exercise program.

Anna Soltys



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