Soltys, Inc. Testimonials

As questions and comments come in, they will be added to the page. We have started with a few common questions.

Who is Soltys Inc.? Soltys Inc. is owned by Pat Soltys and Mark Soltys. Pat serves as the lead consultant and writer. Our team, partners and affiliations can be found under About Soltys, Inc.

Where can I find…? There are many documents, tools, publications, guides and more available through Soltys, Inc. Some of these are available through our download center others are provided to our clientele as a part of our consulting services. A search function has been provided to assist you in locating information on the site. If there is something you are interested in and cannot find, please use the contact button at the top to let us know what you are looking for.

How do I subscribe to your blog? You can subscribe to the blog in a number of ways. The most popular is by email.

How do I access previous blog series? Compiled series are available for download in the Download Center. While current blogs are posted and may be subscribed to without charge, in some cases you will see the compiled version with additional information and materials that may be purchased.

What is the Help Desk? Our help desk services allow contracted consulting services at a flat fee. Please see the Help Desk information in our download center for a more detailed explanation.

How do I contract consulting work through Soltys, Inc.? First of all, we will gain an understanding of your needs and objectives. We look for alignment of our skills and talents to providing good solutions, service and information within the timing needed. When there is a fit, we create a Master Services Agreement (MSA) which establishes the relationship and then a Statement of Work (SOW) for each work assignment to be accepted. Expectations, deliverables and fee structures are all agreed by all parties and in writing. Information regarding use and need for consulting services can be found in a document called “Consulting Services Guide 2011” in our download center.

What is the meaning behind the logo? We are proud of our eagle and wolf logo. The story of this logo and others used by the company including those which have been retired are on our logos page.

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